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    We produce foils to the highest parameters.

    We are a producer of stretch film and all other industrial films made of plastics with carefully selected parameters. The products made on this basis are characterized by high resistance to strong tearing, strong transparency and the best degree of stretch. We offer products for pallets wrapped by hand and machine. All materials are easy to use and thanks to them you can properly secure the goods.

    We produce and deliver only efficient films

    Stretch film is the most popular material used to secure and pack products with, for example palettes, because of its versatility and ease of use. As a result, it is used in many sectors of industry. Fast and reliable packaging of goods is important especially in rapidly growing companies dealing in logistics, forwarding, transport or broadly understood trade. In the agricultural industry for a long time, a stretchable polyethylene film has been used on a large scale for the preservation of produce.

    Due to the many advantages of stretch film, such as high strength, elasticity and its thermal insulation effect, it is the most-used and efficient proven method of packaging and securing goods throughout the industry as well as outside. The main task of the stretch film is to protect packages from damage, dust, dirt, moisture, adverse weather conditions and allows stable storage of goods during transport as it reduces the possibility of packaged goods slipping from the pallet. Transparent film is used when the visibility of goods on the pallet is important. While colored or black breaks off the view of goods reducing the risk of theft.


    We owe its popularity to its numerous advantages:

    • safety – stability of packed products and prevention of dirt and damage.
    • stretchability and flexibility – this film can be stretched up to over 300% of the original length to tightly pack goods.
    • convenience and versatility – after packing with a transparent stretch film you can still see the packed goods.
    • high durability – you can pack goods of any quantity on a pallet, of various sizes and weight.
    • thermal insulation effect – packed goods are protected against sudden temperature changes.
    • insulation – protects against weather conditions, also facilitates the storage of goods on pallets outside buildings.

    Our polyethylene film product is ideally suited for securing various items of different size, weight and shape. You can effectively pack concrete element such as bricks or paving slabs on pallets, as well as much lighter items such as cardboard boxes, plastic goods, etc.

    Whereas the machine film is intended for wrapping goods together with pallets by special packaging machines. Using machines in the packaging process reduces costs and increases work efficiency.

    Wrapping pallets with machine film is the most efficient way to protect them against damage, dirt and moisture. The pallet with the product wrapped with our stretch foil is perfectly protected, looks professional and facilitates transport.


    The company “FOL-PLAST II” has been operating on the polish market since 1998. Many years of experience and care for the best service of our clients allows us to occupy a leading position in the packaging distribution industry. Ensuring the highest quality of services we provide systematically increases the number of our customers.

    We choose suppliers very carefully, therefore we import a large part of our components. We work with companies from Germany, Sweden, Italy, Finland and Spain to provide our customers with the highest quality products at competitive prices.

    The main products our company offers are stretch films, biodegradable films, heat-shrink films and self-adhesive tapes. We supply packaging products both locally and on the national market. We constantly work to expand the commercial network throughout the country.



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