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Food wrap

Food wrap is widely used in the food industry as well as in the household. Its popularity is comparable with stretch film. It is ideal for storing food products, including packaging meat, poultry, smoked meat, fruit, packing vegetables, mushrooms, bread, delicatessen, confectionery products, etc. It protects food from drying so that it stays fresh longer. It prevents the penetration of odours. It perfectly adapts to the shapes of the wrapped products as it is stretchable and self-adhering, thus reducing the amount of air inside.

Its use is much easier thanks to the winding on the roll and the use of the dispenser. Due to its small external dimensions (wound up on the roll), its transport of even larger quantities is not a problem. At the moment, we produce transparent films. We have tried to provide as many possibilities as possible to use our film, therefore our film can be used manually or in packaging machines. With the help of machines you can achieve the highest efficiency of food packaging. The film is wound up on the sleeves and there are two inner diameters to choose from, which are adapted to the packaging devices.


 Specification of food wrap:

  • purpose – manual and machine packing
  • material used – LLDPE
  • width – 300mm to 450mm
  • thickness – 8μm
  • internal diameter of the sleeve – φ38, φ76
  • standard colours: transparent

Our intention was to produce a film that meets all functional requirements, and at the same time it is easy to use.

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