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Stretch film

For years, stretch film has been an extremely popular product that is used for modern and functional packaging. The main feature is its versatility.

Our stretch film is used in many industries. Mainly the food industry, supermarkets, wholesale, smaller stores, restaurants, as well as households. It is very well suited for food storage. The demand for flexible films is very large alongside the development of companies that deal with logistics, trade or agriculture. On farms, agricultural films are used to protect harvested crops against pests, moisture and adverse weather conditions.

Durability of stretch film

All our film is characterized by high tensile strength, elasticity and perfect adhesion to the shape of the packaged product, which allows for its precise protection. An additional advantage is the effective and aesthetic appearance of the goods. High flexibility allows stretching up to 300% of the length.

Stability of our film

It often happens that the goods are damaged during transport. It is particularly vulnerable during transport over long distances or by sea. Our film increases the guarantee that the goods are unchanged during transport or reloading, as well as effectively reducing the risk of losing the load from the pallet.


Transparency of the stretch film makes it easier to recognize the packed objects and increases the attractiveness of the product. While colored or black breaks off the view of goods reducing the risk of theft.

Impermeability of water and impurities

At the same time, stretch film guarantees packaged food products the right rotation of water vapor and oxygen, which allows them to “breathe”. The benefits of this are a longer shelf life. In addition, they protect goods against the effects of weather, dust, sand, etc.

Heat insulation

It protects goods against unwanted heat exchange with the environment. The film properties mentioned above make it widely used in almost every area of ​​life.

Stretch film is made of the highest quality raw materials and has the approval for direct contact with food. The production of this type of film takes place under absolutely controlled conditions that meet all sanitary requirements. The stretch film offered by us comes in the form of reels in various weights and sizes.

Hand film

For manual packaging, a different type of stretch film is called a handwrap. This type of film is the most effective, economical and easiest way to manually pack products. It can be used both for small items and for larger collective loads on pallets. It is characterized by high resistance to tearing. The hand film produced by our company effectively immobilizes the product, at the same time protecting it against dirt and damage. It is made of low-pressure linear low-density polyethylene. By default, we produce it in a width of 50 cm, but there is no problem to provide it in different sizes. The produced film has a thickness of 13μm to 35μm, which ensures adequate strength. It is delivered on cardboard sleeves 50 millimeters in diameter, making it very easy to unwrap.

Characteristics of the hand film:

  • purpose – manual packaging
  • material used – LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene)
  • width – 500mm (other widths are also available according to the customer’s request)
  • thickness – 13μm – 35μm
  • length or weight – according to the recipient’s wishes
  • internal diameter of the sleeve – φ50
  • stretching – 180%


Machine film – Power film and Standard film

The machine film produced by our company, also known as the power film, is a stretch film adapted for machine packaging. Our machine stretch film is directed to customers packing pallets using automatic and semi-automatic wrapping machines. Our machine film enjoys great interest among many customers. It is strong and stretchable, which results in a very economical way of wrapping pallets and significantly reduces packing time and costs. This solution is the most efficient way to secure pallets. Goods on a pallet wrapped with film have not only the proper protection, but also the aesthetic appearance of the structure as a whole. This foil ensures the purity of the packed goods, and thanks to its transparency allows you to identify the shipment.

Machine film – types:

  • STANDARD FILM (180%) – the most popular and the most commonly used film for typical, simplest wrapping machines
  • POWER FILM (250%) – film intended for machines working in progression, half or fully automatic. Most often used for heavy or unstable goods during transport.
  • SUPER POWER FILM (300%) – film for very demanding automated lines or very advanced freestanding wrapping machines.

Characteristics of machine film

  • thickness – 13μm – 35μm
  • width – 500 mm (other widths are also available according to the customer’s request)
  • internal diameter of the sleeve – φ76
  • weight of rolls: ~ 16 kg (jumbo rolls are available after ~ 50 kg)


Coloured stretch film

Concealing film

One of the features of the coloured film is concealing the content of the pallet. As a result, the product on the pallet is invisible to outsiders.

In addition, coloured stretch film can become a useful element in the image of the company making shipments recognizable to the customer.

Transparent film

Thanks to the use of a transparent film, we can emphasize the colour of the product within the pallet. Wrapping with the film also allows you to associate content with the producer’s brand.

The range of different colours can increase the attractiveness of the packed product and significantly facilitate the segregation within the warehouse.


Cut stretch film

The parameters of the cut film are the same as the colourless and coloured hand stretch films.

Cut stretch film facilitates wrapping of small items to a large extent. It is used when it is unwieldy to use standard width film:

  • oblong materials – pipes, plastic and aluminum profiles
  • furniture elements – curtain rails, cabinet fronts, boards and other accessories
  • other articles with small dimensions

Advanced technology allows to prepare the width of the film according to the client’s wishes.

On request, we make cut film with a width of 10cm, 12.5cm and 25cm, offering a full range of colours. The offer also includes plastic and metal dispensers, facilitating the wrapping process, and at the same time replacing the cardboard handle. We also invite you to check information about our heat-shrinkable films.

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