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Heat-shrink film




LDPE shrink film is made of low density polyethylene. Made of high quality raw materials. This film is produced in a multi-layer system, which significantly increases its tear strength and resistance to punctures. Its production uses components intended for close contact with food. Its use is very safe and environmentally friendly.

It is a material used for clean, uncomplicated, fast and extremely durable packaging of many types of products that are packed in cans, bottles, cartons as well as packaged products made of metal, wood or plastic. Through the use of very efficient and precise machines, controlled by gravimetric dosing devices for semi-finished products, we offer our clients heat-shrinkable films with appropriate and constant physicochemical parameters. Through the use of modern technologies and a particularly selected ratio of semi-finished products, we are able to guarantee the unchanged quality and properties of the supplied films. Using our many years of experience, we are able to offer the possibility of using a thinner film than that of competing companies, which also has better strength parameters.


The advantages of a heat-shrink film:

The advantages of shrink wrapping can be specified as follows:

  • Carefully protects against moisture and dust.
  • Due to its special features, such as a very high gloss and transparency, it significantly increases the aesthetics of the product protected.
  • The goods protected with this film are thoroughly protected against contamination and mechanical damage.
  • In economic terms, the thermoformed packaging is very cost-effective due to the low cost of the film in relation to the price of the packaged goods.

This film is very popular and due to its universal application and excellent technical parameters, it is suitable for use on many popular manual, manual – automatic and fully automated machines.

Based on our experience, we can optimally choose the film thickness for the product packed into it and minimize the packaging costs of the final product. We are flexible through expanding our circle of clients. In addition, the ease and convenience of packaging in these films and its low cost have caused the popularity of this type of packaging.

Film sleeves


We offer our clients one- and multi-layered film. The choice of the modification process depends on the type of film and materials from which the film should be made. Our film sleeves are produced using a blow molding system based on appropriate materials, the highest technology and using a modern machine park. We produce films in the form of a tape, sleeve and half sleeve of a width from 600 to 2400 mm, with a thickness range from 30 to 200 microns, with a thickness tolerance of +/- 2.5% and with a very low film haze ratio. In the process of extruding multilayered films, we use the possibilities of modifying each of the individual layers in order to preserve the mechanical as well as optical properties of the material. We make products individually for our clients with appropriate transparency, strength, colour and thickness. Film sleeves can be the basis for the production of sacks and bags, or as ready bags securing different goods and groceries.



Half-sleeve film

The half sleeve film is a film sleeve, but cut along one lateral edge. Such a cut enables the film to be spread in one layer. This means that the width of the unfolded film is twice as large as the width of the sleeve. The semi-sleeves are used in bulk packaging, but mainly in the production of plastic bags, and as protection against damage to various goods.


We make plastic caps from LDPE shrink film to protect loads on pallets. We offer them in a version with side folds or without, rolled on a cardboard thimble.

Products in a rolled form allow the customer to save storage space and freedom of use of packaging.


A black and white specialized film also known as hydro-film is used, among others, in modern, soilless technology for growing vegetables and decorative plants. All cultivated plants are found in a highly hydrated substrate with the content of expanded clay and flower soil. Hydroponic films are used to completely cover the ground of a greenhouse or tunnel and are usually used with the black side inwards. However, due to the high white content, the film exhibits clear reflections. The black layer prevents growth of weeds and many species of algae, which significantly improves the thermal conditions of the substrate. This special film is characterized by high mechanical strength and high resistance to ultraviolet radiation. You can successfully use this film in fungal crops such as mushrooms and oyster mushrooms.

The advantages of hydro-film:

  • Blocking the growth of weeds
  • Prevent the growth of undesirable algae
  • Perfectly isolate the crop from the ground
  • Improves the thermal conditions of the substrate
  • Resistance to UV rays

The film is characterized by excellent mechanical strength and resistance to ultraviolet rays, it is also used in the cultivation of mushrooms and oyster mushrooms, also see the advantages and characteristics of the stretch film.


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