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Plastic windows Pasivtherm

PASIVTHERM windows are the most modern solutions enclosed in a classic shape. The seven-chamber construction of profiles separating a large reinforcing chamber guarantees that windows, apart from excellent thermal insulation parameters, retain high static properties. A variety of configurations – 3-pane packages with a “warm frame” between the panes with a coefficient of 0.5W / m2K and a central gasket, allow you to design windows with parameters that meet the highest requirements of passive construction.


  • Possibility of glazing with 26mm-48mm wide double-sided packages;
  • Seven-chamber profiles with a width of 86mm (sash and frame;
  • Standard 3 interchangeable gaskets – two retaining and one middle, thanks to which the thermal and acoustic parameters of the window have been improved
  • Muliti-Matic fittings from the renowned MACO company guarantee a trouble-free use for many years.
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