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PERFECTHERM system with non-faced and half-faced sash

  • profiles in class A
  • 6-chamber profile system
  • installation depth 80 mm – uncasted profile
  • installation depth 96 mm – semi-faced profile (7-chamber wing)
  • 48 mm three-pane packets with a co-efficient of 0.5 W / m2K
  • additional central gasket in the wing and frame
  • specially profiled reinforcement in the wing and frame


PERFECTHERM are modern windows made to the highest standard.

Perfectherm windows will give the interior a unique character, because every detail is taken care of. Cores of window profiles in four colours (white, brown, anthracite and caramel) after opening the window blends in perfectly with the veneer applied and matches modern arrangements. Thanks to the low backbone, the window gains a larger area of ​​the glass, and the room gets more light. The optimally selected number of chambers, the use of an additional middle gasket in the frame and in the wing and the three-pane package makes the Perfectherm windows meet the requirements of passive joinery.

Two wings shapes – semi-faced and unframed, perfectly fit into modern construction. Perfectherm windows give the buildings lightness and unusual style.

The four colours of the core profiles form a harmonious combination with a wide range of veneers. Perfectherm windows look great in both classic white and wood-like decorative films and modernist colours from the RAL palette.

Six-chamber profiles with a depth of 80 mm and 48 mm three-pane packages with a warm frame provide excellent thermal insulation of the window at the level of 0.78 W / m2K.

The use of three gaskets in the wing and frame, allows for very good insulation parameters.

Carefully designed and durable construction, the use of anti-theft catches and packages with safety glass effectively protect the building against burglary.

Window profiles in the thickness class A, envelope fittings from the renowned MACO company in the 5th highest corrosion protection class and large specially profiled reinforcements guarantee reliability for many years.

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