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Classictherm plastic windows

“Classictherm” – a six-chamber profile system, 70mm in height. It is offered in a classic, straight non-flush wing and a gently rounded half-wing.



  • Lead-free – ecological profiles “A+” made on zinc-calcium stabilizers, does not contain lead.
  • Warm – six-chamber frame and sash profiles with a width of 70mm and the possibility of using three-row packages with a width of 36mm, with a warm frame, providing excellent thermal insulation
  • Durable and Safe – closed reinforcement in the frame, the possibility of using the Secustik handle and anti-burglary clips guarantee long-term trouble-free use and protect against burglary.
  • Variation – a wide selection of veneer colours, the possibility of varnishing in any colour from the RAL palette and the freedom of shape will make the “A+” windows match even the most sophisticated design.
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