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Plastic windows Optitherm

OPTITHERM- six-chamber profiles, with a wide external venting chamber with 80-millimeter construction, increased thermal insulation parameters. This is a guarantee of durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions, in particular high temperatures causing tension.


  • a balanced harmony of gently curved lines of the sash and frame, a stylish glazing bead, gaskets in black or gray, packages with a wide range of glass and warm spacers.
  • energy saving. Six-chamber sash profiles and frames with a construction width of 80 mm and the possibility of using three-zone packages guarantee excellent thermal insulation.
  • peace and security. A wide range of glazing units with increased acoustic insulation and burglary resistance, the ability to use anti-theft catches and a handle with a metal insert, significantly improve the comfort and safety of users.
  • ecological profiles in which lead stabilizers have been replaced with zinc-calcium friendly to the environment.
  • guarantee of durability and long-term trouble-free use, thanks to reinforcements enclosed in the frame, high-class envelope fittings and gaskets with the addition of EPDM.
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