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Bubble wrap

It is a packaging material that protects fragile or vulnerable goods. It protects the goods against impacts, shocks, dust, moisture and other impurities.

The wide use of bubble wrap can be seen in the electronics industry, in the production of glass, porcelain, furniture, gifts and in many other branches of production. When packing larger items, we recommend that you read about the production of our stretch films.


Packaging tapes

We offer wrapping tapes with three types of glue: acrylic, hot-melt (synthetic rubber) and resistant to moisture and frost solvent (natural rubber).

Characteristic: polypropylene adhesive tape with an adhesive emulsion based on natural or synthetic rubber, hydrocrone and natural solvent, pigment, plastics and antioxidants.

Application: used primarily for sealing cardboard boxes by both manual and automatic methods. It is perfect for all machines and machines that print on a tape.

We offer printed ribbons according to the client’s wishes (printing up to 6 colors) on different types of glue. We guarantee customer satisfaction because we perform professional printing on the best quality tapes using the latest printing technologies.


Polypropylene tapes
They allow users to pack goods cheaply and accurately. They are intended for strapping and tying various types of packages and loads. They are used for both manual and machine advice of loads.

We sell polypropylene tape in widths from 5 to 19mm, thicknesses from 0.30 to 1.0mm, and weights on cores of internal diameter 63, 100, 150, 180, 200, 280 and 406mm.

In addition, we offer devices for manual, semi-automatic packaging by using wire or PP clamps and by clamping a metal clamp.


Polyester tapes WG
These tapes are characterized by a fibrous structure and the possibility of re-tensioning the tape.

They are resistant to weather conditions regardless of the season or place of strapping loads.

In this case, the tensile strength of the tapes ranges from 220 to 2000 kg.

The greatest advantage of this tape is very high elasticity, which allows safe transport of unstable goods.


Woven polyester tapes

These tapes are used for securing and easy tying goods and heavy loads on pallets.

We offer tapes with breaking strengths from 170 to 6000kg. Most often, this type of strapping tape is used for securing oversized, very heavy and bulky goods during transport.

It is the strongest of polyester tapes. We also recommend you to familiarize yourself with the offer of strong heat-shrinkable films produced by our company.

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